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We are a group of individuals from different disciplines drawn together with a common belief in an honest approach to the K9 profession and its use in Search and Rescue. All members show a true desire to aid those in need FREE of CHARGE in the Tennessee area. We have handler teams in Knoxville Area and the Chattanooga Area that allows for a 1- 2 hour response to most of Central and East Tennessee.

T.A.S.A.R. Officially a 501c3!!!

T.A.S.A.R. has recieved its official 501c3 certification today and can now start accepting donations! Any donations made would go torward the care of our K-9’s (Food, Vet bills, etc.), Training of our Handlers and K-9’s, as well as cost of deployment on SAR missions! T.A.S.A.R. is strictly volunteer and our training and expenses for each K-9 reaches well into the TENS of Thousands!!! This all comes out of pocket from TASAR. Any assistance in training and caring for our K-9s would be greatly appreciated!

Wish to join?

T.A.S.A.R. is always looking for new members of all backgrounds and

skill levels. You don’t have to have a K-9 or be a handler to be a

productive member. We could use your help! Fill out the application

and let us know about yourself and why you want to join and we will

contact you.

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