How to activate T.A.S.A.R. 

1. Check to see if the law enforcement agency handling your missing persons case already uses T.A.S.A.R. for K-9 SAR Operations. 2. If your agency already uses T.A.S.A.R. then advise them you wish to use our services. The agency will know whether or not your case can benefit from our services and if they have any questions on whether or not we can be used they will have the appropriate direct line contact number to confer with T.A.S.A.R. 3. If your agency does not already use T.A.S.A.R. and you wish to use T.A.S.A.R. services email us at 4. Provide us with the pertinent details of your case as well as fill out and email us the Initial Questionnaire. 5. We will then discuss with you whether or not T.A.S.A.R. can be useful.
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